Breakdown: Mouthful of Flavourful Tasty Healthiness


After a long delayed lunch meet with a girl friend of mine, last week we finally were able to do as we planned and have lunch together. She’s been telling me about this place near her work that she promised I’d love.


A upbeat food hub that’s opened from breakfast to dinner, and claims to be 100% gluten free. Well, aint that nice, perfect for the Vancouver health culture.

I arrived around noonish and as expected, the place was buzzing with hungry downtown employees. Line up was out the door, but it moved pretty fast as there were plenty of grab and go options, plus the joint states that they serve healthy FAST food. The interior decor basically screamed healthy, with plenty of bright lighting, wood, and green. As usual, I had issues with trying to choose what I’d wanted to stuff myself with, so being extremely greedy, I ordered a combo of a small “hot bowl” and a small salad.


Small hot bowl with small salad

I chose the BBQ Pork, “their slow-roasted BBQ pulled pork recipe, made with all-natural Gelderman Farms pork, served over SMAK rice topped with Thai Slaw,” and for the salad I picked the Mango Salad, “Mango, Thai slaw, spinach, herbs, zucchini, peppers, seeds, squash, and cashews with Thai dressing.”

I was blown away by the flavours. I LOVED the barbeque pork. The barbeque sauce isn’t the savoury type though, it was the sweeter kind, so for those of you who think that’s a nono, don’t get it. For me though, I enjoyed every bite of it. The pork was cooked soft to shreds, no fighting back there. I loved the rice underneath it to balance out the strong flavours and act as a medium and a “fill me up”. The slaw on the top didnt do much however, except make it look prettier. I was really glad to get this mini bowl because I can predict myself get kinda sick of it if I ordered the regular size. Plus I needed my greens of course, which the mango salad satisfied. Only complaint I have was that the mangos were a bit raw, which was expected since they aren’t exactly in season.


BBQ Pork Hot Bowl

My girlfriend got her go-to, which is the Green Curry Chicken Bowl. Of course I got to taste it and like the BBQ Pork, it tasted AHMAAAAZING. It was filled with tasty spices infused in a pungent coconut curry base. There were tons of veggies and bits of chicken, all piled on a decent amount of rice at the bottom. Since she got the regular size, her portion was much larger, very filling for someone who has an average appetite. Like the description states, the curry has a bit of a kick, and for someone like myself who is trying to train up her spiciness tolerance, a few more bites and it felt like my mouth was doing the tango. I could never have finished even a mini bowl myself. Thank goodness for dimsum partners right?


Green Curry Chicken Bowl

Tons of goodies in the bowl, squash, potatoes and chicken.


Not quite sure why the rating is so low on urbanspoon, but I thought it was extremely tasty and bang for the buck. Yes, it is much more than I wanted to pay a lunch for (though my girl friend treated me, thanks ;D), but I thought it was tasty and I was full, nothing wrong with that. I think for a male who is not in starvation mode, a big bowl is enough to make the hunger monster keep shush. If not, down some water and let that rice expand and do its thing. SMAK also offers regular salad portions, a variety of healthy drinks, yogurt parfaits and other wraps and boxes for you to choose.

SMAK Fast Food
1139 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC
Mon-Sun: 6am-10pm
Smak Fast Food on Urbanspoon


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