Footo Croissant

A wide variety of flavour combination croissants with quality ingredients Rating

Sometimes the simplest food is the hardest to make, or done well at least. Especially ones that are connected heavily with culture because foodies are always on the lookout for ‘authentic’ and ‘traditional’, the ‘real deal’.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I went into FOOTO Croissant the other day, stands for Fresh Out Of The Oven, a bakery cafe that specializes in making well, croissants. And although the croissants aren’t your typical traditonal kind, Footo excels in creating buttery delicious baked goods that have a range of very delectable and interesting combinations to choose from. Many choices are a play of sweet and savoury such as the maple bacon, the apple cheddar and the pistachio white chocolate.

The cafe has expanded since a few years ago, and it now offers abundant seating space with an open kitchen to watch the goods be made. All good (ingredients) in the hood. My dimsum pals that accompanied me that day couldn’t stay, and so we ordered a 3 pack to go which came in this adorable and original take away box.


Footo Croissants To Go!

We each ended up choosing one and landed with maple bacon, blueberry lavender and pistachio white chocolate.

My friend tried the maple bacon and her verdict was that it had allllll the flavours there. There were a good amount of bacon chucks on the top, filled with maple cream and covered by a beautiful sweet maple glaze. croissant body was a little dense, not quite ‘flakey’ enough as some other croissants that she’s tasted, but that didnt stop her from finishing the whole thing in mere seconds.


Maple Bacon Croissant

My 2nd dimsum partner pretty much said the same thing about the body of his pistachio white chocolate croissant. He loved the taste and thought that it was the perfect balance between savoury and sweet, but again not flakey enough. He enjoyed that the flavours did not overwhelm the original butter body of le croissant.

I found that my blueberry lavender could’ve used a little bit more filling, and yes I too preferred it to be flakier too. That being said though, I did very much enjoy the pungent flavour and was especially surprised by how strong the lavender came through. I thought that the butteriness level was just the right touch at Footo because the biggest turnoff about a poorly executed croissant is leaving streams of butter trickling down your hand. ew. not fun. great that their croissants were not like that. Also what I admire about Footo is that I know for sure that they are freshly baked and made since Footo follows a daily baking schedule as listed on their website. That alone is a stamp for guaranteed freshness!


Blueberry Lavender & Pistachio White Chocolate

This is the 2nd time that I’ve been to Footo and I will continue going back. They offer such wonderful and exciting flavours that its hard not to go back and try them all. I personally love the almond croissant as I have tried previously. Their croissant sandwiches are also on my to eat for next time. They are very decently priced for the product and are most satisfying to the butter bug with a twist of excitement.

Footo Croissants
858 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC
Mon-Fri: 730-6
Sat-Sun: 830-6

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