Nice Cafe

NICE!…all day breakfast for the win!


Sometimes you just need that good old fashion simple breakfast comfort food to wake you and your stomach up, at any time of the day. That’s what my dimsum guest craved for last Thurs as we met up to catch up one last time before she left vancity. Being her local foodie guide, I decided to stay around the Main Street/Olympic Village area, to take her to experience her first Beta5 that day. Before that though, we needed some real food in our bellies and so I did some research and came across Nice Cafe, a cosy simple restaurant located at where Kingsway meets Main, serving breakfast all day, urrday.

Menu was great. There was a wide variety of selections and combinations on the menu. Frittatas, omelets, traditional breakfast, waffles…vegetarian, meat lovers, the works. I wasn’t feeling like meat that day so I chose the vegetarian omelet that has 3 eggs stuffed with veggies inside, and a choice of toast or hash brown on the side. Hashbrown of course ALWAYS wins. My dimsum guest ordered a simple combination of toast, hash browns and scrambled eggs (which I forgot to take a pic of). She was offered a wide variety of toast to choose from…whole wheat, rye, white, multigrain etc. I was quite impressed with the selection and was already looking forward to getting that food in my belly.

The service I think was overall quite slow. It was busy, full house arriving on a Thursday afternoon, but I thought the food could’ve arrived faster. There did not appear to be enough people waiting tables as there was only one waitress on the floor the whole time, with the occasional appearance of a chinese lady who popped in and out of the kitchen with food and dirty dishes. However this wasn’t too much of an issue as it was understandable given the observed situation.

After I dont know for about how long…le food came!


Vegetarian Omelet

My initial thought was: holy crap the portion is huge! While we were waiting for our food, I already caught a glimpse of the tables next to us with piles of food that reached the rims of their large plates. I sort of expected that I wasn’t going to be able to finish all of it, but when my dish came, I couldn’t help but be in awe.



Nice Cafe
154 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Mon: 8-3
Tues-Sat: 8-4
Sun: 9-4

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