Gene Cafe

Chill, Mediocre Coffee



I had the chance to pop by Gene the other day, finally crossing this coffee stop off my to-go to list since the beginning of time (ok not that long, but at least a few years back). I drive by this place quite frequently, but because it is piewiched (sandwich X pie, pie being that its at a V shape..harhar) between Kingsways and Main, it doesnt make it the most convenient location for someone driving to go to for coffee. Lucky for me I passed by it after having brunch at Nice Cafe and so seizing the opportunity I popped in and grabbed myself a coffee to go.


The cafe was a simple, white for mostly everything with black and wood accents. What worked was the unique shape of the cafe and the abundance of sunlight that flowed through. It felt like being in some kind of coffee heaven – bright, white, glowing…with coffee perfume filling one’s nostrils. It looked like a perfect place to kick back and read a book, or be submerged in one’s macbook as you can see in the picture above.


Drip Coffee & Chai Latte

The coffee itself was alright. Nothing exceptional. I grabbed a drip coffee for just over 2 bucks; reasonable price but nothing memorable. It was an easy to drink coffee bean, less on the acidic side but no distinctive flavour that stands out, quite perfect for the general crowd. The dimsum guest  (i shall now name all my partner in crimes, foodie adventurers etc. ) with me that day ordered a chai latte, which she thought was just alright too. She described her latte as bit on the dairy side, with a subtle hint of chai, almost wishing there couldve been more.

I would only go back if I was around the area and I desperately need a dose of caffeine or I was around the area and decided to be a cafe bum for the afternoon. Its a comfortable place to sit and decent coffee, nothing more than that.

Gene Cafe
2404 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Mon-Fri: 730-7
Sat-Sun: 830-7

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