Beta 5 Chocolates



Mint Chocolate Chip Flakes Ice-Cream sandwiched between Chocolate Thins

Last Saturday was the last call for Beta5’s very famous ice-cream sandwich that has swept the hearts of Vancouverites for their summer sweet tooth craving. Ever since I returned to 604 three months ago, I’ve been hearing about Beta5 and their ice-cream sandwich summer special, and their phenomenal signature cream puffs.

To be honest, my curiosity for the hype wasn’t that tremendous at first. Cream puffs aren’t exactly my most desired treat. I often find a mouthful of cream to be..too much. Also, most traditional cream puffs are thin-walled by nature and dissolve easily within the mouthful of heavy cream. My thoughts about that completely changed after trying Beta5’s but I’ll get to that in a bit. Back to the ice-cream sandwich…


Honey Roasted Plum with Cinnamon Macaron Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwich

Being extremely excited to finally try the ice-cream sandwich, I’ve done my research and was told that the Banana Macadamia Crunch, Cookies & Cream & Salted Caramel are must trys. To my dismay, none of them were available that day 😦 My partner in crime and I ordered then honey roasted plum ice-cream sandwich. We both thought that was a miss. The macaron cookie’s sugar overpowered the ice-cream itself. Since the ice-cream inside is already a mild flavour, it was easily overwhelmed by the macaron shell.

Because I wasn’t quite satisfied with the choice, I decided to order the chocolate flakes in mint ice-cream sandwich. Thank goodness I did because it completely made up for the miss of the other. The mint flavour was not artificial at all. It was very refreshing and TONS, and i mean TONS of chocolate flakes were embedded into it. The chocolate thin complemented the ice-cream very well. It was light enough in flavour to add a cocoa touch to the dessert, but tough and crunchy enough to keep all the goodness together. While eating it, it didn’t become soggy at all.

S’mores Cream Puff

Next up was their signature cream puff.

They had so soooo many choices that I had a tough time choosing which to try. I wanted to try the vietnamese coffee cream puff but being a huge fan of s’mores, i had to choose that one when I saw it on the menu.


After the first bite, I got it. I understood what all the noise is about. I understood how they were able to get the massive media coverage despite the very inconvenient and remote location. I understood why my friends freaked out when I told them I still haven’t had my Beta5 through the entire summer. I got it, I got it.

The puff exterior was nothing I ever tasted. It was thicker-walled than the traditional type, therefore the puff did not easily become moistened by the cream inside. The puff also had a very unique texture which enhanced the experience of when the party came together as it was chewed. The ratio of cream and puff pastry was impeccable. I loved everything about it and changed how I felt about cream puffs. Well, if I have a cream puff, I will only save my stomach space for a Beta5’s.


Ice Cream Social Sundae Poached Pear, Tahitian Vanilla, Hazelnut Praline and Milk Chocolate Bay Leaf Ice-Cream

Finally (yes we were fat kids that saturday), we ordered the ice cream social sundae too, which was a special for that day to bid their ice-cream treats farewell. I found that each element was unique but did not marry with each other in any phenomenal way. The entire thing tasted great, but not out of this world. Nothing stood out particularly to me, just a decent sundae.

Would I go back to Beta5? O definitely. MOST definitely. I need raid through all the flavours of the cream puffs.

Beta5 Chocolates
413 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC
Tues-Fri: 1030-530
Sat-Sun: 10-5
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